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Maximize your baby's safety with our natural pillows and blankets. Live Good is committed to the health and wellness of infants, babies, toddlers and children all around the globe. Our materials are organic, hypo-allergenic and locally sourced. One featured material is Organic Supima Cotton. Organic Supima is a rare, luxurious, unusually strong cotton that resists pilling and retains brilliant color. Lucky for you, Live Good is one of the few companies in the world with access to organic supima cotton. Another material featured in our products that you will love is Sateen. Sateen is featured in our sheets which are made from the purest extra-long staple organic cotton grown exclusively in the United States. Our smooth sateen sheet is free of all chemicals and pesticides, offering the gentlest touch for your sleeping angel. Children face a number of increased risks for pesticide exposure: their digestive tracts more readily absorb chemicals, their kidneys are not as efficient at removing toxins, and their still-developing nervous systems can be irreparably damaged which is why Live Good is committed to keeping your children safe by using only pesticide-free ingredients. All Live Good products are handcrafted in California using 100% certified organic materials. Not only are our materials well thought, our products lines are as well.